Monday, January 28, 2013

2013 Goals

The annual tradition of 'GOALS' instead of resolutions continues for 2013 in the Miller household.  We did pretty good at meeting most of our 2012 family goals, kids goals and Brian's goals.  A review of my own was pretty disappointing... but with some introspection, time in prayer and some good talks with Brian, I've realized that it is probably because I'm spread too thin and expect to be super-mom/wife/woman/worker/teacher/counselor/cleaner/server, and all the other hats that come with the territory.  Something has got to give, and it's usually myself.  We're going to do a bit better this year, and thus, my personal goals will remain pretty much the same so that I can actually accomplish them... because they are really important to me, however mundane or 'normal' they seem.

2013 Family Goals:
  • All Miller Family Trip (we had such a great Disney Trip, we'd love to hang out all together again!)
  • Legoland Trip (we have 3 free kids tickets earned from summer reading program at the library!)
  • Service projects as a family
  • Keep up on Bible Reading with kids
  • Couple's get-away--keep our marriage good!
  • Continue Awana for kids, and serving there
  • Re-establish jewel jars for chores and family cleaning
  • Kids savings 10%... build in systems & places for giving, saving, and blow money
  • Us savings 10%, giving 10%, build up emergency fund
  • Refinance house
  • Family recreation at least 1 time a month--Yosemite, bikes, hiking, etc.
  • 1 day pass is open, drive over
  • Zeke to Hume?
  • Take kids fishing
  • 1 flower bed revamp
  • Small group camping trip
  • Christmas party
  • Playdates for kids (at our home)
  • Get house buttoned up for future opportunities
We have some set for each kid and each of us, but I only will blog my own:
  • Exercise at least 3x per week
  • Goal weight by summer
  • Curtains in dining room, kitchen and Emmy's room
  • Quiet time at least 3x per week
  • Prioritize
  • On top of organization of paperwork, savings, documents, taxes
  • Support Rachel & Mark with baby girls
  • Be intentional about: -hobbies (finish Ethan's baby book) -time with friends -supporting Brian in efforts for invention and his hobbies -time with my kids
  • 'Finish' decorating and house organization in each room
So, there you have it... family and personal goals for 2013!  Here we go!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Time (in pictures)

Mark & Rachel visit with the babies in utero! We all took turns feeling 'Baby B' moving and shaking and had fun maternity clothes shopping with Rachel at Ross, buying twinsie baby clothes and having a little early holiday celebration with them!
Getting ready for Santa!

Christmas Day celebration! 
Presents galore and fun family time.  Dinner was delicious and my student, now our friend, Al Baldwin joined in it with us.

Snow Fun for New Year's Eve!

Our first snow adventure of the season was with the Otterson's, the Crawford's and 3/4th's of the Pfeiffer's on New Year's Eve Day.  Tons of snow up at Little Sweeden, and the kids lasted for a good hour, then a rough 1/2 hour before we were done.  Got some great pictures of all the activity!  My favorite one of the day was the one below of Luke!
Cute kid faces!