Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Time 2011

Kind of ironic that as I type this Summer Time update it is pouring rain and thundering outside!

Just thought I'd post some pictures from summer so far in the Miller house!
Our new foster kitty, Hazelnut.  Super cute.  Again, Emmy is in love!

Friends over for popsicles and some playtime!

This little man has big shoes to fill! =)

Ice cream cones at Avila Barn.  Yum.

Zeke at Avila Beach

Ethan at Avila Beach

Emmy at Avila Beach

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

I have the most amazing husband and father of my children. 
I am so blessed everyday by him and his love for us. 
Thank you, Brian, for being such an awesome Godly example of integrity, wisdom, grace, generosity, and Christ's love.  You are a fun, interesting, thoughtful, and helpful partner in life, love and the crazy ride called parenting.  You are absolutely the best one and I am so blessed to call you mine! 
And not only that, you're pretty hot, too, and you gave me good looking babies!

Father's Day afternoon was spent finishing up Brian's old bike for Zeke (notice the Sonora El 'Bobcat' colors Zeke chose for the restoration) and building Emmy's princess bike that she received as a gift from Nana & Papa Miller for her birthday.  Unfortunately, the building took most of the day, so not much time to ride at the end of it... but we have all summer for that so not to worry (and we need to purchase some helmets!)!!!

New Jewels for Summer!

It has become very obvious in the past few days of summer being in full swing that we needed to revisit the "Jewels Rules."  We need a little more umph for these more relaxed and less structured days, up their responsibilities just a tad (since both the big kids just turned a year older) and change up the reward ideas a bit for more incentives.  This is what the kids and I came up with....
I'm gonna do my best to stay on top of this so it can keep working! 
We all know that any system is only as good as the consistency of the operator!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Disney with Emmy!

Emmy and I just got back from her 5th birthday celebration at Disneyland! 
What a special day we had together--neither of us will ever forget it. 
We had such a great time... but I'll let the pictures do the talking!
(you can click on any picture to make it bigger)

Minnie ears (thanks, Auntie Rachel!) and birthday buttons!

Disney attractions

meeting characters

Emmy's Bipity Bobity Boutique Transformation
(Thanks to Daddy for the dress and thanks to Grandma Pam for the makeover!)

Emmy's highlight of the day--meeting the princesses!!!!

One tired little princess (11:15pm)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Our Small Group ROCKS!!!

I just absolutely love our small group!  We've kinda gotten into a groove and a level of accountability and togetherness that is so encouraging and such a blessing.  And not just to me...

Our Pastor was diagnosed w/ prostate cancer a few months ago and has been going through some pretty intense radiation treatment in the Bay Area for the last few weeks.  Our group rallied and wanted to show him love and support in a really tangible way...  for us that meant writing encouraging notes and giving gift cards that he could use during his time away from home.  It ended up being a really awesome blessing for him, as I got to drop it off yesterday and got a note back from him today titled "WOW."  The old saying is true... it is truly better to give than to receive... I love being able to bless the socks off someone!!! =)  Thanks, group, for doing it together!!!

Getting better...

Yesterday was finally a breakthrough in Ethan's recovery from getting his tonsils out... he finally wanted to eat (and ate a ton!) and was his mischievious little self again.  He's lost all of his baby chub in this process and looks much more like a little boy now, but it's so great to see his happy smile!!  He took a 4 hour nap, which is definitely longer than usual, but he's on the road to normal again!  Yea!

Also, having the kitten has been a welcome attention distraction for Emmy.  She's so concentrated on the kitty that she hardly notices all the attention that I have had to give Ethan throughout this process, which I am so thankful for.  These past few days has been spent much like this...

It's Zeke's last day of 1st grade today and I get to go be in the class for a pizza party here in a few hours.  We'll be giving Mrs. Hodges (who is a HUGE Giants fan) a pro jersey with her name on it and #23--as she's retiring that is the # of years she's been teaching.  All the kids signed the jersey and we hope that she'll love it as much as we love her! 
(I'll post some pictures here after the event)

Then... Emmy and I are off to Ventura so that I can attend my cousin Staci's wedding and take Emmy to Disneyland for her 5th birthday!!!  We are so excited!!!  Better get packing!!!