Monday, July 16, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

We're going on a camping trip with our small group in a few weeks, and heard about a nice campground we wanted to check out.  Couple that with kids who needed to and it made for a nice family afternoon drive and swim in the creek nearby Clarks Fork campground up Hwy 108.  Pizza at Pie in the Sky for dinner was a nice topper to the evening as well!
Family fun on a Sunday afternoon!

Emmy took all these pictures :)  She was having fun directing the shots!

My boys being boys.  Zeke took the picture of Ethan with the apple--love that shot!


The Tuolumne County Recreation Department was offering some pretty fun (and affordable) things to do this summer.  Between everything we have going on, we were able to sign up for swimming lessons (happening later this month) and golf lessons from a pro at our local course, Mountain Springs. 
Today was Zeke and Emmy's first experience with 'real' golf.  They had a great time... and looked super cute, I might add :).  One down, 3 more lessons to go.  We'll see if they take to it!

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Summertime always means projects around the Miller house!  We've been working on a room for Emmy and other various odds and ends.  So excited that today I finally crossed a project off my to-do list that has been on there for about 4 years or so...

Utilizing my handy dandy Cricut (Jubilee cartridge) and cream colored vinal, Ethan helped me cut out the letters to Psalm 126:3.  This verse was on my friend Jessica's Christmas card quite a few years ago and I have kept it on my idea board ever since as something that needed to be up in my home.  It adds a little touch to my kitchen wall and I love that you can see it as you enter the house.  The Lord has been so good to our family, and we truly are FILLED with JOY!!!

Pictures of Emmy's room to follow...