Sunday, January 29, 2012

January in Pictures

I realized that I've been severely lacking at picture postings... sorry parents! 
The start of a semester is always a little rough!
Our weather has been absolute incredible for January, so we've gotten to spend lots of time playing outside and soaking it up before the rain and snow make their entrance for real.

I got to go on a field trip with Zeke's second grade class.  They went to ATCAA Food Bank first and got to do different tasks sorting and packing food for distribution. As a family, we have served there multiple times, so Zeke knew the drill and I could tell he felt good about his handprints already being on their wall (every volunteer does this). 
Then next door, they visited the Humane Society and learned how they care for and adopt out the animals.
Lastly, the bus dropped the kids off at the park next to the school where they ate lunch, got to play out their wiggles, and then walk back to the school.
Great day!  So glad I got to join in on the fun!

Our princess and prince =)

Daddy and Bubby at Sullivan Creek School

This kid has got mad ball skills already!

Emmy got an American Girl doll (Kirsten :) ) for Christmas.  She LOVES her!

Bike riding


Sunday, January 22, 2012


My 'one word' for the year. 
Already being tested. 
I found this quote on pinterest and it has been playing like a tape reel in my head this week as we talk about summer schedules at work (yes, already).

I need to remember this.
Regardless of how much they 'need' me at work, they can hire others.
My family needs me--I'm the only one they've got. 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Year in Review 2011/2012

Our Year in Review this time around was done over yummy coffee drinks in the car on the drive down to Fresno for a friend's new year's eve birthday party.  The kiddos were engrossed in a movie, so Brian and I were able to get a lot down... though I know I'm still finalizing the goals I want to set for myself in 2012.  Thought I'd get them down while I can... the college starts back up this week, so as of Tues, I'm hitting it full speed again!

2011 in Review:
*got heater installed and working (8 years in the making!) * Ethan started preschool, Emmy started kindergarten and Zeke started 2nd grade--all getting great reviews from teachers! * Zeke was in his first bus fight * Avila in June * Family camping in Santa Margarita w/ mishap of no San Simeon reservations--Leonard's joined us for the first time * Kirsten's Capitola Girls/Scrapbooking weekend * Couch!!! * Emmy can read! (Hop on Pop) * Legoland for Ethan's 3rd birthday * Kirsten took Emmy to Disneyland for her 5th birthday * Purchased fake Christmas tree this year * B & K weekend getaway to Capitola over Thanksgiving weekend * Bri entered his 1st beer brewing competiton * Bri bought Tundra & loves it * Cousins Staci and Danielle got married * Brian backpacking FUG pass * Cousin Nathan born-Kirsten got to go be w/ Melissa to help * finished front fence and gate * Ethan got his tonsils out * Brian was voted one of SHS's 'most inspriational teachers' * Organization & decor in the house! * Bri & Zeke to San Fran mission * fostering kittens and then a forever kitty--Anakin * Emmy--1st yr of soccer, loves dress-up, decorating, make-up, dolls, and her cat * Ethan loves trains (Hiro!), talking up a storm, super cute and funny ('spankin' butt) * Zeke totally into Legos, Star Wars, Wii, and tetherball, soccer team was undefeated (but still no goal for him), super good at computers, math and reading, was awarded Sparky of the Year in Awana * Christmas with folks and Grammy B (for the first time I can ever remember--too bad she won't remember it!) * Zeke & Emmy learned to ride bikes w/ no training wheels * and so much more....

Goals for 2012:
* Build fairy garden for Emmy
* Service projects as a family
* Keep up on Bible reading (Story) w/ kids (and adults, too!)
* Add bedroom for Emmy w/out borrowing money to do it
* One weekend away (for B & K)
* Continue Awana, Ethan to start Cubbies in fall
* Ethan to be part of the family--dinner time, help clean, in own bed all night more consistently
* Family recreation 1x per month--bike riding, hiking, Yosemite, pass drives, etc.
* Drive over Sonora Pass first day it's open after winter
* Start savings--college, general, big trip in 2013
* Ethan into soccer in Fall
* Sponsor another child... Gabriel at For His Children orphanage in Quito

There are some personal goals I have set for myself as well, but I think the main one goes along with my 'one word' for the year, for which I have landed on "PRIORITIES."  Brian's goal for me this year is that I wouldn't spread myself so thin and then get frustrated about my lack of time, energy, etc.  I want to be able to have time to do the things I need to do, to spend time with those I love, and to do the things I enjoy, to be able to sleep more, to have more energy for my family, less time on the computer, have fun with friends, scrapbook more (I only got to do this 2x last year!), and to be more creative with my home and children.  So, if I say 'no' to you for something or don't return a phone call right away... don't take it personally and just know that I'm probably playing with my kids who are only this little right now, or I'm folding their laundry so they can have clothes to wear tomorrow, or I'm listening to my husband dream up his next invention, or I'm grading papers for my students who are finding their way in college, or.... taking some time to myself to regroup so I can do it all again tomorrow!!!