Saturday, September 10, 2011


Today was Emmy's first soccer game--ever!  I am helping coach Emmy's team this year and most of our team hasn't played before so we are starting from scratch.  They are such a cute group of kindergartners and we are having fun with our team but we definitely had our shirts handed to us today by one awesome player on the other team in particular, and Emmy had a great time today, until the last quarter when she was goalie and the other team scored on her.  Poor thing... hopefully next week when she's off goalie rotation will be all good!
Ready to play!

The Green Lightning Lizzards!

Since we had pictures and warm-ups, Brian came just before the game with the boys... this is how they arrived =)

Getting her foot on the ball!
Go Emmy!!!

The cutest goalie I've ever seen! =)

So sad... being goalie isn't all it's cracked up to be!  A hard lesson to learn on the first game.

September Rain

Yesterday, we were hit with a short but intense rain spell thanks to the thunderstorms up higher in the Sierras.  Even though the rain only lasted a couple of minutes, these two kiddos wanted their rain coats on and to run out and play in the downpour! It was so cute, but unfortunately by the time they got back out there with their coats on, the rain was pretty much gone...  We had another (bigger) storm pass through today (even soccer got shut down at the end of Zeke's game due to lightning), so they did get their chance to enjoy the warm September rain.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cute present!

My very thoughtful Cousin Mel sent some 'back to school' presents to our kiddos.  They loved getting a packaged addressed to them and had fun with the contents.  Especially meaningful is Emmy's gift--handmade hair clips by Mel.  Super cute!!!  Glad to provide the girl in the family that can use her talent--since she only has boys!!! =)  Love you, Mel!!!

First day of School

Monday was a big day in the Miller household!!! 
It was Zeke's first day of 2nd grade (in Mrs. Fox's class), Emmy's first day of kindergarten (she got Mrs. Braga!!!), Ethan's first day of preschool (at Christian Heights), and my first day of Fall classes at Columbia.  Here's a mix of some of the first day pictures (you can click on pics to view them bigger).

New school shoes set out and ready to go!

Our excited to start school kids!!!
Ethan got dropped off first!  No crying, barely a kiss for mommy...
he was so excited to play and had such a great day!

Everyone enjoyed their days, and I was exhausted!  Literally, I didn't sit down other than driving from 7:30-2:30pm!!!  I even got blisters from my work shoes and all the running around!!!  Definitely a drastic change from summer!  Special thanks to Grandma April & PaB for the phone call & prayer over the kids in the morning, and to Peggy and Jerry, and our babysitter Alex for being a part of the kiddos special day!