Monday, February 28, 2011

February Happenings

Just a few pictures to update what's been going on around here!

Beautiful flowers delivered to me on Valentine's Day from my wonderful husband.  The card read, "To the Best One. Love, Brian"

Valentine's Day celebration in Zeke's class.

Brian opening up his birthday gifts... with lots of help!

Me with my new baby cousin, Nathan.  I got to spend 5 days with Mel and the fam--so great!  And thanks to my wonderful in-laws and hubby, I got to go sans kids so that I could actually be helpful with her little ones!

Had to try to capture the weirdness of totally sunshine and snow.  Two minutes after these pictures, the sky turned totally dark and it poured pellet sized snowballs, but within 20 minutes, we saw the sun again.  So much for the 'crazy' storm the media hyped it up to be!
Zeke & Emmy enjoying the brief snow!

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