Saturday, April 30, 2011

Last day of...

Besides being the last day of the month, a few other things are wrapping up for me this weekend... 

- Yesterday was the last official day of the semester at Columbia College!  I love my job but I am very glad to have a little bit of a break to enjoy my family and clean my house!!!  I do have to say that it was pretty cool for me to be sitting on the 'faculty side' of a graduation ceremony last night for the first time ever.  One of my students gave me the honor of walking beside him in the processional, plus Brian's cousin Linnea as well as Janae and Nicole (who were in my small group as high schoolers) all graduated last night--it was fun to be there in the celebration with them all.  It also was the first time for me wearing my Master's hood, since I didn't walk for my graduate degree from Stan State (pictures to come when I get some back--didn't bring my own camera this time).

- Dare I say the rainy season is over?  The whole next week is projected to be in the 80's--soooo stoked about that!  Brian is on a guys trip this weekend to Lake Tahoe,  so the kids and I filled our Saturday with friends, fun, and sun!!!

Zeke has been in Jujitsu for the past few months.  He's getting close to earning his yellow belt and is excited to move up to the 7yr old class here pretty soon--he seems quite large in this 'Tiny Tots' class!
(can't believe he's going to be 7 in 24 days!!!)

Emmy and her friend Lizzie

Zeke and his friends Nathan, Ben, Wil and Johnny

These beautiful ladies are my friends Marie, Lisa and Joy

I love it when my kids take care of each other! 
Zeke is helping Ethan stand in line to get a balloon animal. =)
-I'm also feeling very motivated to organize, de-clutter and get some projects done around here!!!  Our MOPS meeting was inspiring (thank you, Spring!), as well as was my recent trip to IKEA, and with the energy the sunshine gives me, I just might be able to get something accomplished!!!  Watch for some 'before and afters'--I find that if I document the process, I tend to actually finish it!!!

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