Monday, July 4, 2011

Some good feelings in my kitchen!

I've been doing projects this summer to get our home more user friendly and less frustrating.  One little area that has been a sore spot for me is my 'junk' drawer as well as lack of kitchen utensil space.  I decided to eliminate one side of 'junk' in my divided drawers and make it a space for the needed, but less utilized utensils (say that 10 times in a row).  Mind you, this little project started because things were so full we almost broke the drawer trying to close it, and 3 hours (and many interruptions) later, the results bring peace and happiness to me and my hubby everytime we open the drawers!  I took pictures so we could remember them as they are now... as I'm sure we'll have to repeat organize not so far in the future!
Top: Beautifully sorted 'junk' drawer no so junky anymore and those under utilized utensils
(notice they are mostly baking items--haha).
Bottom: a silverware sorter that I'd had 'junk' in made my most used items easy to see and grab--yea!

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