Friday, August 26, 2011

Getting ready!!!

We got to take Emmy to her Kindergarten sneak peak today and we were so pleased to discover that she gets to have the same wonderful teacher that Zeke had for kindergarten, Mrs. Braga.  We are also excited that there are quite a few kids and parents we know from church, MOPS, and soccer, so it seemed to ease Emmy's nerves that there were already friends for her in there! 

(click on image to see it bigger)
 We all start school Monday (though Brian started last week)--my class, Emmy in kinder, Zeke in 2nd grade (we were also able to meet Mrs. Fox today and see the classroom he'll be in this year today--so 'scholastic' looking!), and Ethan in preschool.  Pray for us on Monday morning that everything will go smoothly and everyone will come home LOVING school! =)

Just my boys hanging at home... with matching shirts today :)

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