Thursday, September 1, 2011

First day of School

Monday was a big day in the Miller household!!! 
It was Zeke's first day of 2nd grade (in Mrs. Fox's class), Emmy's first day of kindergarten (she got Mrs. Braga!!!), Ethan's first day of preschool (at Christian Heights), and my first day of Fall classes at Columbia.  Here's a mix of some of the first day pictures (you can click on pics to view them bigger).

New school shoes set out and ready to go!

Our excited to start school kids!!!
Ethan got dropped off first!  No crying, barely a kiss for mommy...
he was so excited to play and had such a great day!

Everyone enjoyed their days, and I was exhausted!  Literally, I didn't sit down other than driving from 7:30-2:30pm!!!  I even got blisters from my work shoes and all the running around!!!  Definitely a drastic change from summer!  Special thanks to Grandma April & PaB for the phone call & prayer over the kids in the morning, and to Peggy and Jerry, and our babysitter Alex for being a part of the kiddos special day!


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