Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's October!

I can't believe we're already in October!  We're enjoying the cooler breeze while the sun is still shining bright and being outside for soccer and all sorts of fun!

Zeke's team hasn't lost a game yet and he's been steadily improving his skills.  He has yet to make a goal, but he's working hard to get it in there!!!

Emmy's team, the Lightning Lizards, won their first game yesterday!!!  Emmy was goalie for the 2nd quarter and she was a total rockstar!!!  She totally dove in and went for it.  I'm not sure, but the final tally of her saves was at least 5 or 6!

This is my co-worker and friend, Courtney, who just had baby Brody last Sat morning!  She has a daughter Emmy's age and a son who is Ethan's age, and the whole fam was out watching her daughter play her game (just before Emmy's).  So fun to catch up with her and see the new baby!  Yea-congrats, Castle family!

I have been enjoying my one-on-one time with Ethan on Tues/Thurs mornings while the other kiddos are in school.  He now gets the brunt of the grocery shopping and all the errands with mommy, but it still is nice to have only him and to give him some good attention.  Last week, he helped me make some yummy muffins and I had to capture his great smile!
This week, Ethan and I dove into potty training with a vengence.  Thursday was our start day... by lunch I had changed about 5 wet undies.  After lunch, he napped and was dry when he woke up and stayed that way for the rest of the day!!!  Now it's Sunday, and there has been only a few accidents since.  He's totally getting the hang of it!  Yea!!!! 

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