Sunday, January 29, 2012

January in Pictures

I realized that I've been severely lacking at picture postings... sorry parents! 
The start of a semester is always a little rough!
Our weather has been absolute incredible for January, so we've gotten to spend lots of time playing outside and soaking it up before the rain and snow make their entrance for real.

I got to go on a field trip with Zeke's second grade class.  They went to ATCAA Food Bank first and got to do different tasks sorting and packing food for distribution. As a family, we have served there multiple times, so Zeke knew the drill and I could tell he felt good about his handprints already being on their wall (every volunteer does this). 
Then next door, they visited the Humane Society and learned how they care for and adopt out the animals.
Lastly, the bus dropped the kids off at the park next to the school where they ate lunch, got to play out their wiggles, and then walk back to the school.
Great day!  So glad I got to join in on the fun!

Our princess and prince =)

Daddy and Bubby at Sullivan Creek School

This kid has got mad ball skills already!

Emmy got an American Girl doll (Kirsten :) ) for Christmas.  She LOVES her!

Bike riding


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