Saturday, September 1, 2012

One Words for Fall

Each year now (the last 2 anyway, and I plan to continue), I choose a 'one word' for the year (idea from Ali Edwards)--this year, it's PRIORITIES.  I love it so much that I challenge my Guidance students choose a 'one word' for themselves for the semester as one of their first assignments.  I love to see how their one word plays itself out during the semester and how, even when almost everyone chooses a different word, they end up weaving in and around almost everything we do in class. 

For the past few semesters, I've created a word art picture with their words in photoshop (read: time consuming!) because there is just something cool about seeing all their words together and in print.  This time around, I have been introduced to  What a fabulous and fun tool... and perfect for my project!!!  Check out the results (after about 10 minutes of messing around--saved me hours!!!)

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