Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas is here!

Our kids performed in their first play with our church on December 9th.  "The Secret of Snowflake County" was the name and there were about 70 of our church youth participating.  It was awesome, and such a joy to see our kids loving the process of learning songs, working with others, and praising Jesus.  Some of the songs from this play are definite keepers in our Christmas song line up! 
Emmy got a solo singing Silent Night, and she totally rocked it, and just loved doing it!  The 'tap' dance she did with her friends was super cute--because they were just too stinking cute up there!  Zeke wasn't really doing the play, but at one of the last practices was asked if he would want a cameo as a candy cane in one of the songs, which he was happy to do and had fun with.

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