Thursday, December 16, 2010

My poor child!!!

So, Zeke had quite the day yesterday... not only did he lose his front tooth up top (he also lost one on the bottom on Sunday), he took a nose dive, literally, into the corner of the coffee table upstairs. 

He's so swollen and had already started bruising just an hour after it happened.  By about 9pm, breathing through his nose was difficult, so we decided that we'd better be sure everything was okay and take him to the ER.  They got us in and out really quickly, we were home by 10pm, with a treatment plan of ice for swelling and tylenol for pain--which we got w/o an x-ray because the treatment would have been the same regardless of what showed up.  Needless radiation to the brain--we are fine skipping that.  His nose looks straight up and down, and we have to follow up w/ the ear, nose and throat dr next week after the swelling goes down, so we'll just hope that it was a minor fracture or bad bruise and be done with it.  Worst case is that they would have to reset it--but the dr. seemed to think that it wouldn't be necessary... we'll pray!!!  He's super sore today, neck and shoulders included, so we're keeping him home from school so I can keep him up on the tylenol dosing schedule and maybe visit the chiropractor (thanks for the idea, Keely!).  Hopefully he'll be good to go to school tomorrow to enjoy all the holiday festivities!

In the meantime, what a sight this kid is... poor thing.  Apparently, it'll get worse before it gets better.  Christmas pictures will be interesting this year!!!

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