Saturday, March 19, 2011

Just sayin'...

Ethan's latest (at not quite 2 1/2 years yet)
--Adding words like a maniac and starting to put them together for a sentence!  Today's new ones were help, treat, head, ears, and "hello, daddy."  Of course, we are probably the only one who understands these... but still!
--On & off again interest in potty training.  We're allowing & encouraging him to do it, but definitely not ready to gear up and go for it 100%.  Neither is he.  I think we'll try to tackle that after my semester is over and I can be home full time to be consistent with it.
--Bedtime battles: I will win the war of course, but the battles are exhausting!  He's been awesome sleeping in his big boy bed until last week.  Now it's like he's discovered he can get out and about on his own.  He's been switching off between not going to sleep until 10pm or waking up at 3, 4, 5am and coming down to our room.  We usually just put him right back up in bed, but man... I'm tired!!!  Tonight is a 10pm night... actually, it's currently 10:18pm and he's still fighting it...
--Still loves balls and anything that moves, shoots, whacks, and the like.  He calls swords 'hi-yas' and guns 'beaus' because of the sounds we make when we play with them... so cute.  I hope it takes him a while to learn the real words for these!
--Copies absolutely everything.  He catches on so quickly and is so observant.  Anything his older siblings are doing, he wants to be a part of and he actually does a good job keeping up. 
--Had the worst stubbed toe I've ever seen this week.  He was refusing to keep shoes on his feet after playing on the trampoline outside, though he had moved onto shooting baskets.  He fell and tore about 5 layers of skin off his big toe.  It bled and bled, and for 2 days was quite painful for him.  Watching an active toddler limp around saying 'owie' over and over is not my idea of fun.  Thankfully, it seemed to be better today, so I think we're on the mend.

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