Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rainy Days

It has been so gloomy here the past I don't know how many days...
I'm sure glad my kids keep me going and laughing or I'd be huddled up in bed barely able to function right about now. 
So a few pictures to brighten my days, and hopefully yours, too!
Grandma and PaB came up for a surprise visit a couple weekends ago. 
It was great to have them here, and they got LOTS of kiddo time--
which is why they came anyway!!!
(I was at our church's women's retreat and Brian was
entering his beer in a home brewers competition)

We are going to be taking pictures with our MOPS fundraiser next weekend and I'm trying to figure out what I should put the kids in to be all 'coordinated.' 
We just got this super cute dress from Nana Peggy and I'm thinking this could be a good start. 
I asked Emmy to 'model' for me to do a couple test pictures...
and this was the first 'pose' she gave me. 
Oh, did she have fun! 
I have some pretty funny shots, but I was playing around with my camera settings... and with no sun shining through my windows, my 'no flash' photograpy produced lots of blur.  So much more to learn about that camera!

I LOVE this!!!! 
Brian is building a fence for our backyard and he got some extra help today. 
Amazing, I know, but this little two and a half year old didn't get a lick of stain on him, was incredibly patient and had a great time painting with Daddy!

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