Saturday, March 17, 2012

My kitchen floor this week--train mania for little Ethan :)

March 4- Table Mountain w/ the Pfeiffer's & Moberg's for Keely's birthday.  Beautiful and fun!
Many of you may know that our little kitten, Anakin, who was only 6 months old, got ran over by a car a few weeks ago.  These pictures were taken just before that happened.  It was a common sight for Anakin to be snuggled up with Emmy where ever she was.  She drew lots of pictures of him, too.  This one was one of her best.  She addressed it to Mrs. Braga, her teacher, and the writing to the side says, 'Anei is my cat' (in her best spelling on her own :).  We miss our little Ani, Em keeps asking when we can go get a new one.

Zeke has got his nose in a book almost every free moment.  March is 'Hat's off to Reading' and he gets a prize for every 2 hours of reading.  He has pretty much turned in a page every day!

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  1. Emmy, Grandma Pam and me are very sorry to hear about your kitty. We hope you remember him as a good cat. Kitties have to be very careful because cars can't see them when they run out in front of them. We love you!

    Hats off to Zeke for his fantastic ready skills!! Great job Zeke, we love you! keep up the great work as it will pay off in the future very well for you.

    Ethan, what a great train set up. We love it! I had trains when I was little and loved them a LOT!!! We love you too!

    We miss all of you so much and do hope to arrange a trip to see all of you.

    Love to alllllll the Miller's
    Grandma Pam and Grandpa Rich