Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Performance Week

Well, I'm a bit delayed in the posting of this (what's new?), but now with my semester at the college done, I can turn my thoughts toward other (and more fun!) things... including downloading all my pictures off my camera and updating our blog!  Also, I'm looking forward to being able to go on field trips this month with each of the kid's classes as well as catching up on things around the house.  Hopefully, many more fun posts to come soon! :)

In March, we had what I called 'Peformance Week'--super fun!
Zeke's class (along with all the Sonora El 2nd graders) put on the annual 2nd grade "Garden Hoe-Down" on March 21. They practiced for weeks and each class had a part of the action.  This was so very cute and it was great to see Zeke up there on stage.  I video taped the performance, so the pictures are all from after the show, but here are a few of the shots I was able to get.

 Then on Friday, March 23, Emmy's dance class through the Mountain Youth Children's Theatre put on their Spring Recital. Emmy's class performed three routines. Again, I video taped instead of taking picutres, but I have to tell you this was absolutely priceless. 
Emmy LOVED being on-stage and stole the show!  She had a smile, she did her very best, and she was glowing!!!  There were many acts from the other classes they offer--the whole show was so impressive and it was so fun to watch all these kids, it got me excited for Emmy to continue with this organization--everything from voice lessons to acting to dance, all age appropriate and encouraging. 
So afterward, I asked Em if there were any other classes she would want to do.  Her response?  "You know those girls who stood up and sang by themselves with the microphone?  I want to do that."

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