Thursday, June 14, 2012

Field Trips!

I am so blessed that my semester at Columbia College (work) ends at the end of April so that I have no work schedule during all of May!  Because of this, I was able to attend all of the end of the year field trips for both Zeke and Emmy's classes.

Emmy's class trip to Safeway.
The manager of our local store is a dad of one of the boys in her class, so it was even more special that we got some personal attention throughout our tour.  They had yummy treats in every department (but stickers from the butchers!!!) so everyone loved that.  We went to the store today and Emmy thought it was very cool that she'd been 'back there.'

Zeke's class trip to the Stockton's Children's Museum.
It was a beautiful day and after the long bus ride with two classes full of 2nd graders, we were ready for some lunch and then some great fun exploring.  The museum is set up to help children learn about life in the Central Valley, popular careers in the area, and everything is hands on and fun. 
The bonus about this field trip was that we went on May 24, which is Zeke's birthday!  Super fun way to spend a birthday school day!

Emmy's class trip to the Sonora Library and Heaven for Kids Park.
This was a walking field trip, as these places are right next door to the school. Neither of these places are new to Emmy, as we go to both regularly, but it was still really fun to go with her class, have story time, and playtime with her classmates.  It was a beautiful day and it was fun for me to get to hang out with Emmy, and the parents on the trip, too! :)

Zeke's class trip to Baskins & Robbins.
This was also a walking field trip, as 2nd graders can make it a bit farther to the nearby shopping center.  They got to walk into the deep freezer where they store all the ice cream and learn to make their own ice cream cone clowns.  It was a fun and low key trip!

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