Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Emmy's birthday present

Emmy has asked for a couple of years now if she could get her ears pierced, and we decided that it would be a fun birthday surprise to let her do it.  So, for her birthday, she unwrapped earrings that went with an appointment at a local salon.  That appointment was yesterday.  We (my mom and grandma) picked up the kids early from VBS (they are attending Calvary Chapel's VBS this week since we will be missing SBC's this summer) and headed there. 

The gal, Julie at Studio 3, was absolutely wonderful with Emmy.  She let her pick out the studs (apparently it's not just the standard gold balls anymore!) she wanted and then talked her through everything.  She even sounded the piercing gun close to Emmy's ear so she wouldn't be scared of the noise.  Emmy was super brave and only cried for a minute or two afterward.  As soon as someone doted on her about how beautiful her new pierced ears were, that smile came through and she was on the mend. 

She is loving her new look and can't wait to show them to everyone! :)

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