Friday, November 26, 2010

Our Gratitude Project 2010

Our gratitude project was a huge success!  Each day in November, every one of our family members contributed the things they were most thankful for.  It was a great thing to do together--once I got over trying to make it look 'pretty' and just let the kids have fun with it anyway.  We had a great time talking over dinner each night about what we were going to put on the 'gratitude' board that day.  Three of my greatest blessings are smiling up at me in this picture from this afternoon playtime!

I'm thinking we'll have to do this, or something like it, every year.  I love the snapshot that it gives into our family life right now--how Emmy is learning to write and her awesome artwork, what Ethan is into playing with, what Zeke is learning about in school--as a I'm already looking forward to seeing how it looks different next year. 

Notes to self: fine tip markers would be better, one thankful thing a day will help with making room for all the great pictures, think about different color markers for each family member.

Thanks, Becky Higgins, for this great idea!!!

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