Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

Here are some pictures from Trunk or Treat last weekend.  We let this be our primary costume time with the kiddos this Halloween--Darth Vader, Thumbelina Barbie and our little Monkey Man got PLENTY of treats and they had a great time (well, Ethan did once he eventually got used to his costume and realized that it was all about the candy!). 

Josh & Janean Woods held their 2nd annual costume party on Saturday night for Josh's birthday.  Last year, Brian and I went as John McCain and Sarah Palin.  This year, on the heels of seeing the musical Wicked this past summer, Brian and I chose to be Scarecrow and Elphaba.  It's not easy being green--or getting it off, for that matter!  I ran out of warm water in the shower trying to scrub it all off!

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