Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ethan's a Big Boy!

Our little escape artist gave us good motivation to transfer him to a bed!
Ethan got a 'big boy' bed from PaB for Christmas, and we finally got a mattress and it set up for him last weekend.  He was soooo excited to sleep in it, and it's been such a blessing to us in more ways than one!  Ethan likes his new bed so much that he has been sleeping until about 6:30am each morning since... some of you might think this torture... but try the 5am regular he was doing before.  I LOVE it... and so does he!!!  Thanks, PaB for his beautiful bed, and Auntie Rachel & Uncle Mark for the cozy new sheets!  Now we need to find a cool comforter to complete the bed... then to paint the room!

Ethan loves going 'nigh-nite' in his new bed!

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  1. what a big boy! Love his new bed- such a big boy!