Sunday, January 23, 2011


One Word can have a big impact... and my word for 2011 is OPEN.

I want to be open to all God has for me.  I want to be more open handed with my time, money, energy, friendship, and love.  I want to be open to Brian's crazy ideas.  I want to be open to learn what I need to know, to know what I need to learn.  I want my home to be open to others.  I want to walk through open doors of opportunity and feel God's peace about it.  I want to open my Bible more.  I want to feel open to others.  I want my calendar to have some open space on it.

Ali Edwards was a contributer to the scrapbooking magazine I subscribe to, so I've been familiar with her for a few years, and it was my friend Lisa Leonard's link to Ali's blog that inspired me to choose a Word of the Year.  Lisa even designed a new necklace for it (see it here)!

This 'one word' journey was so inspiring to me personally, as well as so many others on Ali's blog, that I decided my students should take this journey with me, too!  The first week of class, I had them come up with their 'one word' for the semester.  They all wrote their word out for me and why they chose it... so inspriational to me... I can't wait to see how it plays out for them this semester.  I made a bookmark that I'll be printing out of each of my students with all their words on it... (again, thanks to Ali for the compliation inspriation!)... check it out...

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  1. what a great idea! Funny because I already percieve you as being an open person but I will praying for you as you journey through this word this year :)