Monday, May 30, 2011

Cloudy the Kitty

Emmy, Ethan and I took a walk down to the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning (Zeke & Brian were in SF with the church) and when we saw the Sonora Cat Rescue table, we just had to stop.  We've been talking to them about fostering kittens for a few months but hadn't gotten a call yet, and I mentioned that to the people at the table.  Lo and behold, one of the ladies had just received a call the night before about a 6/7 week old kitten that needed a place to be until it could be adopted out (which happens after they are 2 lbs and can be vaccinated and spayed/neutered).  I gave them our number if they wanted us to take it. 

We got a call about 4:30pm and had the cat at home by 6pm. 

To say Emmy was beside herself (and still is) would be an understatement.  It's as if she has found her purpose in life.  She absolutely loves it and keeps saying, "I can't believe this is actually a real kitten!"  All the kids love it, of course, but Emmy pretty much holds this cute little thing as much as possible.  She named it Cloudy because it's gray and we got it on a cloudy day.  It's a fun and curious kitty, and has done great being handled constantly as well as finding hiding spaces for when it wants a break.

Don't worry, Auntie Rachel, our house will be kitten free long before you visit again!  We keep reminding Emmy that we are caring for this kitty until it can find a permanent home to adopt it.  She seems okay with it for now... we'll see how it goes when it actually means we hand it over.

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