Monday, May 16, 2011

Emmy's Done!

Officially, Emmy is done with preschool!
Her last day was Wednesday, and the whole class celebrated the end of the year with a fun potluck picnic.  Emmy wanted desperately to contribute rainbow popsicles to the party, and all the kids loved them!

Emmy and her friend Liah
The Tiny Tots program does an awesome thing in that they use the high school auditorium for their preschool graduation ceremony--which is ubber cute!!!  They get to walk out on stage, sing songs and then walk up to the microphone to introduce themselves and tell everyone where they are going to school next year.  Emmy still remembered this from when Zeke was a Tiny Tot and couldn't wait for her turn!  She was super cute and had a great time!
Singing her heart out!
Emmy 'Tooty-Tot-ing'--it was sooo funny!
At home on the mic!
Teachers Jennifer, Tina and Kellie--we love you!
Kindergarten, here we come!

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  1. that last picture is too sweet! she is so photogeic!