Thursday, May 26, 2011

Trying to Recover

Ethan is still in recovery mode.  This is how he's spent much of yesterday and this morning so far, poor guy.  We had a scare last night about 7pm when he spiked a fever of 103.8... called the dr. and he said it is a result of dehydration and that we need to force more fluids on him.  Got it down to 100.8 by 11:30pm and went to bed.  This morning at 5:30, he was at 102.8 again, but finally was willing to take in some pedilite himself, and then downed 4 popsicles.  By 7:30am, he was down to normal temp and fell back asleep.  I'm praying, keeping tabs on his temp and plan to be much more diligent today in forcing him to drink/eat... we do NOT want to end up in the ER!

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