Monday, May 16, 2011

Mother's Day

So... I'm a little behind on my posts... what's new? 
At least it's only a week this time!!! =)
We went to celebrate Mother's Day with my mother-in-law and sis-in-law (and families) in Fresno last Sat.  The kids had a great time as always with their cousins, and we enjoyed visiting with the family as well.  I was blessed with a Starbucks gift card from Jen and a great pair of shoes from Peggy!
On Sunday, Brian let me sleep in =).  After I woke up and got out of the shower (at the late hour of 7:15am-I know, pathetic that 7am is sleeping in, right?), Zeke was crying because he had just swallowed a metal magetix ball.  Well... off to the ER we went, and got X-Rays to verify that the ball was in his stomach and not blocking an airway or something.  The ER at 7:45am with your almost 7-yr old who swallowed a ball is a perfect way to start Mother's Day, don't you think?  Anyway, he is fine, and the dr didn't even make me check to see if it came out--just told me to call if we saw any stomach pains or problems.  That was a gift!!!
After we got home, I got my gifts and cards from the family, including a cricut cartrigde with the font choices I want to do my vinal lettering around my house (is it bad that I picked out and bought my own gift?)!  I'm so excited to get that project going!  My original plan for the day was to spend time one-on-one with each kid doing something fun.  Well, Zeke got the ER (but we also did bowling together 2 days before, so I didn't feel bad about that).  It was Emmy's turn--we decided to go shopping for some summer sandals for her (unsuccessful) and get pedicures.  It was super fun to do that with her for the first time.  A week later, our toes still look perfect!  Ethan got snuggle time, and we all even got a nap in. 
Overall, it was a great day being a mom!!!

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  1. GOSH! they are getting so big! We need to visit our little friends SOON! I miss them!