Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day Brunch

At Sonora Elementary, it's been a long standing tradition that the 1st graders put on a Mother's Day Brunch.  Mother's Day weekend around our area is a big ta-do as our Motherlode Rodeo and Parade happens this weekend as well.  So, the first graders incorporate the 2 things and put on a western themed brunch for us, complete with 'cactus juice' and bisquits and beans. 

Zeke has been sooooo excited about this and done a really good job keeping everything secret from me.  The main event was not the food however... it was the 3 songs all the first graders sang for all of us moms, and the line dance they did and then taught us how to do.  It was so cute and fun!  Each kid in Zeke's class got to make potholders and a flower in a pot that they painted for us.  So sweet!  I have to say that I'm pretty proud of my little cowboy... and I had a great time with him today!  (also, since we were allowed to take them home with us, Zeke and I took advantage of Kayla being home with the other 2 kiddos and we did the bowling date I've been owing him for his jewel rewards!) 

What a great way to start Mother's Day Weekend!!!

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